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About NòmaDe

Tiziano Scarpa wrote that “getting lost is the only place worth losing ourselves in it” and this place for me is Venice.

NòmaDe is my declaration of love for Venice, a project born on the island in 2016 that involves young artisans who transfer their art and their knowledge into small masterpieces made strictly by hand in limited editions.

A collection of hand bags with particular shapes and contemporary kimono designed for travelers who are aware of and intolerant to homologation.

The inspiration is the island of Venice and its urban anomaly, its intense colors, its unprecedented way of being in the world between contamination and culture.

There is the Venice of yesterday, charged with the weight of its history and its portals, and that of today, a small cosmopolitan metropolis that looks to the future.

There is a liquid maze that goes along allowing the way to decide the path and not the other way, disorienting but leaving us free to learn to wander.

The fundamental principle is pleasure, the pleasure that begins by touching the fabrics, the pleasure that has the flavor of a sensory journey that is expressed by wearing something unique, asking for the most exclusive customizations that better respond to the way of being and living our time.

The raw material are precious fabrics;
Rubelli art fabrics are the historical Venetian weaving leader that since 1889 has been able to keep its roots, not easy to preserve, keeping ancient hand looms and advanced production techniques to realize silks and lampas, velvets that tell a slice of history and of Italian art that is expressed among elaborate plots and warps.

In addition to Rubelli, an excellence in NòmaDe is represented by San Patrignano Design LAB where the art of weaving by hand is taught, from the loops thread after wire takes shape the fabric, a virtuous story of weaves that tell the beauty of lives rediscovered and ancient processing techniques.

NòmaDe is inextricably linked to the concept of Slow Fashion going beyond the seasonality of the collections and market demands, safeguarding manual talent through the close relationship between Art and Design and promoting an ethical and sustainable relationship in production and choice of the materials.

A challenge that I caught by experimenting with a synthesis of industrial materials and precious fabrics creating unrepeatable plots, thanks to the artistic regeneration of waste products promoted and supported by the Scart project by Waste Recycling which invites reflection on the negative effects of a consumer society without an economy circular.

There is the magic of the mosaic art of the Orsoni Furnace, the oldest in the world, one of the most spectacular secrets of Venice and kept inside a small street of the foundations of Cannaregio, from which comes out, among daring techniques and craft methodology, the precious glass mosaics with gold leaf and enamels.

Craftsmanship is the most visible expression of research of the beauty that has always accompanied man, a dimension that translates into design objects and high quality without forgetting the root or the art that governs this individual production, free from the duties of temporal dependence.

Fantasy, like love, feeds on curiosity, the craftsman is an artist who produces something that binds to the needs of our everyday life, reinterpreting it, giving substance to imagination, to create something unique.

Being NòmaDe means being a modern explorer that walks in a poetic garden wearing a kimono and a bag to go far whatever his goal is, whatever his time is, taking slow steps… superseding his own levity.

Veronica Ada Pastò