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San Marco Fabrics

The Bisanzio fabric shows the chromatic synthesis of the colorful houses of the island of Burano that rotate around you like a colorful carousel. It is said that it was an ancient choice of fishermen who remained for a long time waiting for the nets to fill up and wishing to return to their home, perhaps freeing their imagination and imagining the embrace of their loved ones.

The lighthouse of Burano and the colors of the houses throw away the feeling of being in the north of the world with the scent of the salty air of the Mediterranean and the Orient, in fact Venice united the vertical and horizontal axis of the world, the south of the Arabs with the north of the Germans, the east of Byzantium with the west of the Christian kingdoms.


In my creations…



This striped velvet of Tessuti San Marco evokes all the contrasts that strike me for their intensity every time I go down in the small islands of the Venice Lagoon, intensified by the reflection of water and light.


100% polyestere Trevira CS.