Nòmade is my declaration of love for Venice…

…a project born on the island in 2016 that involves young artisans and seamstresses who transfer their art and their knowledge into small masterpieces executed strictly by hand in limited editions.

A collection of contemporary kimonos and bags with particular shapes for cosmopolitan travelers.

The raw materials are Rubelli art fabrics, fabrics of San Patrignano Design Lab and Orsoni’s mosaic art.

The inspiration is the island of Venice and its urban anomaly.

The principle is slow fashion and manual talent.

Being NòMAdE means being a modern explorer walking in a poetic garden wearing a kimono and a purse to go far.

Veronica Pastò


Each bag is strictly handmade in Venice, produced with prestigious fabrics on demand with 15 days of waiting. The customer chooses fabrics and finish of the shoulder strap with the possibility of customizing the bag with letters, numbers and with incisions on the closure.

Each item is delivered with a dast bag, with its own numbered certificate.

Among the raw materials we can not cite the Rubelli webbing, which, in addition to 28 modern electronic frames, has 3 hand-operated seven-hundred-century frames that are perfectly functional.

The velvet Montezuma recalls the work of Vivaldi, which was presented in Venice in 1733, for the fabrics of the strong and opulent contrasts of the sovereign of Mexico.

The striped velvet of Fabrics S. Marco evokes all the contrasts that affect their intensity and reflected in the small islands of the Lagoon of Venice.